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Each individual’s experiences of relinquishment, adoption, search, and reunion are unique. This adoptee blog is a space where individual journeys are documented.We will begin with our own stories, and invite anyone who wishes to contribute their own experience. Although everyone has their own journey, we find that many stories share similarities. Because adoption can be such a lonely journey, reading about others who share many of your thought, emotions, experiences, and behaviours can assist with healing. Adoptee Counselling and Psychotherapy

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  • Adoptee psychotherapy and counselling

    Adoption Competent Therapy

    Why Every Adult Adoptee Could Benefit From Adoption Competent Therapy Adoption competent therapy is a specialized form of counselling that is tailored to address the specific and complex emotional, psychological, and identity-related…

  • Baby crying in orphanage
    Adoptee psychotherapy and counselling

    A Polyvagal Perspective on Adoption

    Adrian’s Story A Polyvagal Perspective on adoption: Adrian was born into a world of uncertainty and swift change. From the very beginning, his life was marked by the act of relinquishment; a…

  • Crying fetus
    Adoptee psychotherapy and counselling

    Every Adoption Is, First, a Relinquishment

    In the silent sanctuary of the womb, a tiny heartbeat fluttered like the wings of a butterfly, delicate yet full of life. This little being, not yet graced by the light of…

  • Happy reunion
    Adoptee psychotherapy and counselling

    Navigating the Emotional Landscape of Birth Family Reunion 

    Introduction Embarking on a journey to reunite with one’s birth family is a tapestry threaded with anticipation, vulnerability, and profound emotion. It is a path often walked with a heart full of…

  • Adoptee Identity
    Adoptee psychotherapy and counselling

    Navigating Identity and Belonging: The Role of Psychotherapy in Adoptee Experiences

    Adoption is a unique experience that can present challenges when it comes to identity and belonging. For adoptees, questions around their sense of self can be pervasive and complex. However, psychotherapy offers adoptees a safe space to explore these feelings without judgment. Therapists help clients construct a more cohesive identity that encompasses their background and experiences. With the use of various therapeutic techniques like narrative therapy, attachment work, and identity development models, adoptees can gain agency over their story. The strong, trusting relationship between the therapist and client provides a stable foundation for exploration, leading to a stronger, more integrated sense of identity and a deeper feeling of belonging.

  • Adoptee Counselling and Psychotherapy
    Adoptee psychotherapy and counselling

    My Adoptee Journey: From Longing to Healing

    Welcome to Adoptee Alliance, a safe place dedicated to the healing of adoption wounds. In this space, we acknowledge that every adoptee journey involves separation from our biological families, and no matter…