Adoptee ADHD symptoms

You struggle with adoptee ADHD symptoms; concentration, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. A well-meaning healthcare professional diagnosed you with ADHD. They use this label to justify drugs, resources, and work accommodations. Society says your brain has a disability.

But here’s the catch: there’s no definitive ADHD test. No way to prove it’s misfiring neurons or imbalances. ADHD is just symptoms labeled as a disorder. Professionals rarely dig deeper, missing underlying causes.

Trauma symptoms like hypervigilance and stress can mimic ADHD. Complex trauma’s emotional challenges can look like inattention or distractibility.

Misdiagnosing ADHD is harmful

Misdiagnosing ADHD instead of recognizing complex trauma can cause harm. It leads to ineffective treatments like stimulants and delays appropriate therapy access.

Misdiagnosed ADHD harms many trauma victims. Clinicians must consider trauma when assessing symptoms. A comprehensive trauma-informed approach is crucial.

If diagnosed without investigating childhood trauma, your treatment might be ineffective or even harmful.

Childhood relinquishment can contribute to ADHD symptoms. Adoptees face significant changes and stress, affecting attention and impulse control. Relinquishment disrupts attachment bonds and leads to emotional distress.

Help is available!

Relinquishment and adoption have lasting effects, leading to emotional and relational challenges in adulthood.

If your ADHD symptoms stem from trauma, there’s hope. Trauma responses can be unlearned through our unique approach at Adoptee Alliance.

Our experts delve into the root causes in a safe environment, unlike symptom-focused therapies. We understand the impact of early attachment and relational trauma.

Our Approach

At Adoptee Alliance, we identify and address how relinquishment trauma contributes to ADHD-like symptoms. We reframe these symptoms as adaptive survival strategies, enabling a comprehensive approach that treats both trauma and symptoms.

Our therapists equip you with tools to regulate emotions and manage stress, impacting ADHD-like symptoms. We focus on self-awareness, self-regulation, and healthy relationships to reduce impulsivity and improve attention.

Our approach integrates mind, body, and spirit in healing through somatic and psychodynamic practices. It helps you connect with your authentic self and release stored trauma.

Our therapy transforms adoption trauma and alleviates ADHD-like symptoms, empowering clients to heal and thrive. Many find it life-changing, breaking free from trauma and misdiagnosis.

For more information about adoptee ADHD and how counselling can help, visit our FAQs or drop us a line.